Online presence is not a choice among many. Instead, it is a necessity for any entrepreneur in Canada whose success is a priority. With massive sales taking place in the online market, watching others going virtual without making a similar step can be a mess.  The online shopping is growing per year. And failure to adopt the trend will mean losing sales and exiting the market in later days.

Nevertheless, going online is not easy. You have to invest a lot in establishing an e-commerce website, but you may not have the required capital. However, this should not shut you out. Currently, an array of free e-commerce website builders is available in Canada. But, one fact remains – not all are reliable. The Site saves you from the hustles of distinguishing between the best and the worst website builders.


Site123 is one of the leading free e-commerce web builders. If you want a free e-commerce site that is standing out, here are three reasons this is the best site for you.

Easy to use dashboard

As a webpreneur, you want a platform that will enable you to create your website without draining your last drop of sweat. You desire to create an attractive web within the next 5 minutes and start selling. Site123 realizes this desire. The platform offers you an easy to use dashboard. To get started all you need to have is a Gmail or Facebook account. With either, you can sign up and begin your web building journey using the easy to understand and intuitive options.

An array of features

Site123 offers you a variety of functions in their editor. All the features are drag and drop. Hence, you will not need to hire a web designer or possess coding knowledge. Apart from this, the elements are customizable to fit your needs and those of your online business. This aspect offers you a chance to create a unique free e-commerce website. The good thing is you can customize all the available templates to align them with your desires.


This reason should be the first consideration. As you know, most free e-commerce builders use you like their free advertising agent. When you create your web, they start serving adverts that you may have zero interest on and earning nothing from them. However, Site123 is different. At no time your website will be full of annoying ads. So, you can be sure that everything in it is what you have control and allowed to appear on your site.


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