The time to move is now. Move to where? This article is speaking to entrepreneurs operating brick and mortar stores. You have been in operation for the last two or more decades. But in the recent days, you have noticed something in your business – you are losing 10% of your customers per month. Where are they going to? After some research, you found that they are turning to the online stores.

Since then you have set on a journey to consolidate funds for creating an online store.  Your effort is bearing zero fruits as the trends are hurting even more. Currently, your sales are declining by 20% per month.  Too bad. After consultation, you get an idea of creating free online stores. You are happy now that your long dream is turning to reality. But before kicking on your journey, here are three realities you need to know:

Limited features

While the free online store creation is a good idea, you need to know one fact. The platforms offer you limited features. Unlike the paid option, the free option comes with several limitations. Some of these limitations include the number of products you can list. Many platforms allow you to least not more than ten products.

Also, you can only create a few pages. Other platforms give you an opportunity to create a single-page site. These limitations can affect your desire to launch an intense and winning online brand. However, they are suitable for newbies and as a stepping stone to the virtual market.

The providers use the free options for marketing purposes

Take it this way: you build a well-furnished house. You establish stores and start offering them for free. Do you think that is workable? The right answer to this question is no. Like you, the hosting providers do not provide an opportunity to create free online stores without a gain in return. The free option is one of their marketing strategies. As you put efforts in branding your store, you will be marketing their services indirectly. Hence you help them to cut their marketing budget.

You will enjoy better services

As noted, the free store creation platform providers use them as a marketing approach. The goal is to woo you and others to their net. To ensure you fall for them, they will always offer reliable customer support and be available at your time of need. Thus, creating a free online store can assure you better customer services.

And those are the realities of free online stores.